Love your goal

Day 6 and 7

Take these days to do the things that didn’t happen on Days 1-5. Like getting the tools you need. Read up on the techniques you’ll use. Get inspired; you’ll need it for the rest of the journey or add another day of working on your goal. The choice is your’s! #doitandloveit

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Assessing progress

Day 5 of the journey

Are we there yet?!!! How does this sound from children in the back seat of a car on a 24 hour road trip? Most of the time it doesn’t produce preferred responses. Yet, this is a human’s natural disposition on any journey.

We’re not there yet but we’re closer. If your goal is a big one, then it’s going to take time. Taking ownership of the responsibility of attaining this goal happens today and the next and the next. Did you make a goal? Is it a defined one? Are you enjoying this? If there is no passion in this, you will NOT be consistent. Read Day 3.

I’m writing this to myself, to my kids to any one who thinks it’s helpful. Why? I want them to have the discipline that will make them great, caring, responsible people. It will be hard. What do you do when something is hard? Don’t think about it too much. Attempt and put it on repeat. Reflect. What could be tweaked the next time?

But it’s Day 5. How did the week go?

Was it awesome? Celebrate it! Reward yourself. Don’t expect others to do it, this is your goal.

The results were good but obviously we’re not there yet.

Consult the experts. Google search in your area. Who knows about this goal? Experts can see the whole picture. Assessment keeps you on track. It shouldn’t discourage you to stop. Assessment lets you know HOW to do it again.

Stay Accountable. This is the hard part. Who keeps you going and positive about it? That’s your person to tell. Everybody has a different style so pick the right person for you. Allow them a chance to ask, “How did it go this week?” You just need at least one really good consistent one.

Consistency drives consistency. Don’t let your dream die without reflecting on it.

Tell someone. Reflect. Tweak. Celebrate. And put it on repeat.

Next up: just do it … again

Make momentum work for you

Day 4

You’ve got one more rep!

You’ve done Days 1-3. You’ve started on your goal, became passionate about it and breathed some life into it. Now is the serious part of the journey. If Days 1-3 haven’t happened, make the magic happen. Today is like the the 11th mile for a half marathon, BUT you’ve already run 11 miles straight so no stopping now!!!! Finish! In other words, for the unprepared, today might feel light like eating gravel for breakfast. Be prepared. Make momentum happen and let it work for you.

Muscling through the year might work for a while but when the mind gets stale the rest of the body and actions will go with it. This is Day 4 of week one. There are 52 weeks. You’re in it for the long haul.

Days 1-3 got you here. You’ve committed. Congratulations!!! Now you need resources to keep this momentum going.

Here is a list:


Tools (materials, books, videos, etc.)


There’s more but these are basic. This may look different for different goals. Find these. Invest in these. Experts may cost so decide how valuable this goal is to you. It doesn’t have to be expensive and you might not find them all today but start. Go to Day 2 to get that started.

Next up: Assess progress

Meaningful Goals

Day 3 of the journey:

The Beautiful thing about life is that you are making it up as you go. If you paint a picture there it is. It wasn’t there and now it is. So look at your goal that way. It’s a landscape full of possibility. The journey to this goal will amaze you. It’s transforming you all day long.

Now, that you’re observing your goal. Is there life in your goal? Is there something meaningful attached to this goal? Who does it benefit? A goal will die if it doesn’t add value to you, family, friends, people. Set the right goals not because someone is setting it for you but because it’s been calling you for a greater purpose than yourself.

“A dream isn’t big enough if it only involves you.” Saw this somewhere else. Whoever said it, you’re a genius!

After accomplishing your goal day to day does it make you want to uplift others? If it does, then it’s a good one. Does it make you happy? Then share happiness. Does it make you more productive? Does it make you more organized?

You get the point. Don’t keep it, share it. Your goal will come to life everyday.

And have fun! Ignite that fire! You have things to accomplish; you might as well get excited! This is the time to talk to the right people, use the right resources and feed your passion. The more passionate you get about a goal the more you’ll touch it and pick it up. So be inspired and talk about it even when people seem to not care. Some won’t and some will discourage you. Accept that and move on. But You care and you care about others so go get inspired and share.

Remember: you know what to tell that negative committee…

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What resources?

Goal Crushing

Day 2 of my journey

The world is either setting goals, revising goals or wishing there was one more day off. If you haven’t touched your goal today, it’s ok. This could be December 31, 2018 but you’re reading this so it’s still ok. I encourage you to take one finger and touch your goal. Yes. Put this phone down and touch it. Did you touch it? Ok, now pick that thing up. Maybe it’s a planner or a something in your garage or a jumping jack, 1 push-up, putting on your running shoes, eating one leaf of spinach or something. Lol

No really I mean it. Touch your goal. If you spend time close to your goal you are one step closer to doing it. Now write that thing down, make that call, and watch HOW momentum will carry you. Just one thing, now the next thing. only have 5 minutes? Come back later and touch it again. And remember, tell the negative committee that brings you down in your head , to sit down and… you know.

Maybe it’s not as glorious as you hoped, but Congratulations, you did it! Now you just to do it again. And that’s how discipline or goal crushing happens. Revisit it again and again. It’s really simple. I think I’ve complicated things thinking discipline is something that just is. But it isn’t.

Now dealing with the pain of doing this over and over. No results? Hmmmm, are you sure you’re looking from the right angle? Consult with someone. That’s the next step. Find someone who has been doing this thing. Read about it; preferably a book that helps you focus on that topic alone. You probably already know this but you’re reading this because you want to reach this untouched goal. Google search “goals” and you’ll see the world is doing this. Goal setting is healthy. It starts by touching it.

I hope you feel empowered to add more weight to your lifting, organizing the pantry, calling that person, eating the things that give you good energy and so on. Whatever it is, it’s your goal, you set it, no one else.

Next up:

I’m too amazing! Now what?

Day 1 of 2018: Goals

People!!! It’s Day 1 of the best year ever!

Welcome to my journey. So one of my goals is to encourage others this year and so here it is. And thanks mom for encouraging me to write it.

If you know me I’ve been running forever and I’ve never looked at weight lifting as a goal. But I found myself in this position when the weights invited themselves into my garage. And running became a logistical issue. I think they’ve sat in there for about a year and a half before I thought that maybe I should use them. I sulked about not running ya da ya da and the weights said hello to me everyday.

The more I looked at them the more they looked like a ginormous obstacle for the Rock or some other Huge person’s type of fun. Really, not for me. I’m a runner. Well, the plot twist happened and the more I thought about how my resources were wasting away. I’ve also had this thing about decluttering. I thought so much about it and more about my trainer husband (best trainer ever). “Oh, that’s not for someone like me.” (Negative talk) I had to deal with my mind before anyone or anything could deal with me. What I believe about myself is what I will do.

The next thing was feeling a sense of responsibility towards those metal things. And then I wasn’t doing it so I thought. “ I’m so undisciplined. What a …. insert more negative talk.” That didn’t speed things up. I’ll skip all the drama to tell you that thinking about discipline doesn’t motivate. Think about time. What can I do with 30 minutes to an hour?

Discipline this discipline that. Don’t get me wrong discipline is important. Discipline is what you possess. But how do you get discipline is more important in my book to XYZ goal. (I don’t have a book, but if I did that’s the way I would start it. 😂) I’m telling myself this because all the discipline talk is good but it doesn’t show me the how. I’m all about the “how.” No one is going to do it for you (blah blah blah) but you can do think in your head first. Put one foot in front of the other.

The way I got to dead lifting 100 lbs and then more than my weight wasn’t by beating myself up about Not doing it yet. “Man, I suck. I’m so undisciplined.” Though I did get anxious with thinking about it along the journey (that’s another post). That’s negative talk. If one isn’t disciplined it’s because something isn’t happening. Start by setting a specific goal. “ I want to lift 55 lbs.” and remember this is your goal not set by anyone else. Don’t compare yourself to Dwayne Johnson or that super buff girl on Instagram. Tackle your mind and Use that as inspiration.

Well after you hit your goal. Guess what’s going to happen? That mountain? You’re going to crush it. Yes, Y O U. Because momentum is pushing you forward. Build and momentum will encourage you alone to be consistent and disciplined. So no more negative talk from With In and With Out. Get out there build and crush!

And tell the negative committee in your head (or even in reality) to sit down and SHUT UP😂 (I can’t find where I got this, but it’s the best advice I’ve received!)

Believe the right things.

Next up…

the pain. Ouch

What to do with the rut and the pain. On your own. 🤔 tell it to sit down AND…. you know the rest.

Works of Art

I ran again and this is what spilled out. 🙂😉Good morning!

Desperately looking for things I don’t need. 

The gold lies all around me.

Something unworthy of photo glory;

In the heart 

So precious and lovely.

Hold it, cherish it, don’t depart.

Break all the glorious rubbish apart.

Take up sweet courage to contemplate

Beautiful souls:

True Works of art. 

Run and live

I wrote this after I ran this morning. Thinking about all the discouraged souls out there. Whether you run or not take your passion and feels its breath. Really. Take its breath. You need it and the world awaits you. 

Run because you love it

The wind and air entering closed lungs

The ground cheering on each step

Run because the dawn greets you with a song

The song opens deaf ears and life is yours again

Live and let passion rule the day! 

Red utterances



That vivacity to lift 

me through the seasons.

Everyday anew.

A beginning.

Between here and then

Follow me

when blood fails me.

when weakness triumphs.

But for now

Stay in my minds eye.


Breathe a little life.

Remove the bandages.


Make the marvelous known.

As stones speak,

sweet reality

fills the night.

Olympian Hope

The beauty of the Olympics is so complex yet so simple. There are beautiful and talented people all over the globe. I am so proud to see so many body types, colors, and personalities representing different places in the world. We get to see on a world stage what the human being can accomplish. There is no easy answer in our current environment but the Olympics shows us the value of people from everywhere. I love it! The Olympics has undone the tension I’ve been feeling over the last few months.
I love every story I have read. Messages of struggle, odds, encouragement, victory and hope. Let’s be hopeful people.  

Back again!