Pregnant Running

I ran a 10k at 13 weeks or 3 months pregnant! I’ve never done that! I didn’t with my first born but I did run on a treadmill. At that time there wasn’t much literature on the subject. I didn’t talk much about it since I knew I would be discouraged. My doctor at the time was all for it but the people in my life at the time thought otherwise. You must be cleared with your doctor, but I am here to say that it can be done. It has been my biggest help in pregnancy and especially now.

The 10k course was in Austin. It was especially hilly; it was about 282 feet of elevation. All of the first four miles were mostly uphill. It wasn’t the way I trained but it was a great experience. If I had not signed up for it before this pregnancy I would not have committed to doing this. I’m especially cautious with my low sugar. So far I’m not diabetic but I will get another test in a few weeks. I just keep telling myself to breathe. I will get through this nausea and I will have fun in the struggle! This baby is meant to run!


Giving upi

So you thought you would give up? You’re not getting off that easy. I thought I would too, but I had no choice other than to keep going😉

This year I thought I would throw up all nine months of pregnancy and die of starvation. Really. I lost about 20 lbs of hard earned weight and muscle. Weakness was real. I ended writing about my lifting goals and trying to convince others they had what it took if they just tackled their minds. “Oh, ha ha ha. You blabbing weak fool, you thought you’ld keep going but now vomit and nausea has you.” Memories of nay-sayers in the past popped in my head. That was the sneaky nasty voice in my head. It wasn’t helping me get out. It definitely wasn’t good for my little baby. But something happened in early January 2018 that my future self would be grateful about April 2018. I signed up for a 10k. I only ran one race in 2017. Strength was my focus last year. I thought my running days were over but a friend finally convinced me in my pre-pregnant state to give running a shot again.

Part of my pregnant self thought… how will I eat enough to make that race happen? I don’t know if I can eat anything, I’ll faint. So I gave it a whirl. I’ll run and see what happens. I ran slowly but consistently. I knew I had to tackle six whole miles of hills so that meant milage.

It wasn’t easy, but I had a choice: Sit around inside and be miserable or keep running outside and smell nothing. Smelling nothing was SO appealing. The more I ran the less nausea I felt. The more I ran the more I ate. This was the case with my first pregnancy and this is what happened now. I only ran on a treadmill with my first born so this was a little scary. I had to do my homework for road running, But I informed myself. My husband checked out books for me, I read pregnant athlete blogs, I consulted with pregnant athletes. I learned and I discovered.

New discovery: the more mileage I ran the less nausea I had. I have less nausea at three months pregnant now than I did with my first born.

New discovery:

I discovered the progress I kept making. I looked at my five weeks Monday through Friday letters to myself I posted on social media in January. I have never made daily entries like that with that amount of consistency in the past. I looked at my lifting stats for this year and running stats for the last three years. That was progress.

I discovered that I was able to make progress even when I felt weak. I ran the 10k three months pregnant. Now the next thing was getting back to these posts.

I hope you can see past your new life conditions, injuries, setbacks, etc. and feel progress in your bones. It’s possible. Go for it. Be consistent even if it doesn’t blow your mind.

Next up? Why are you giving up?


I’ve had to rest a lot during this pregnancy, so the goals I set out at the beginning have taken a back seat; but I’m slowly climbing out of the nausea pit. I’ve written other things. I may begin a new blog just for my creative pursuits. So here is my poem. What do you think?

Do you ever get tired of the same story?

The one that keeps playing in your head

The one that keeps you up at night

The one that can’t help you think of others instead.

Stop that story.

Write a new one.

Get inspired on the fly.

Enchanted lands with their creatures.

There is one nearby.

Let the story tell itself.

You’ll know you’re listening

Because you don’t know what’s next.

Be the hearer and the benefactor of the lesson told in its strength.

Everyone has a story.

Tell yours and listen to hers because

after all it’s the heart that gets nourished

When souls understand each other’s birth.

Adjusting goals

I’m about 6-7 weeks pregnant. I’ve had so much nausea, eating has been hard. I hope to lift soon. I am currently doing a boot camp twice a week. I lost more weight than I needed the week the nausea started but my goal right now is to keep eating. I feel like that is all I do even if it’s a little at a time. At the moment I’m adjusting. Each week gets a little better. I hope to bring you more encouragement in the coming weeks. Hang in there if you’re pushing at your goals. You will achieve them. And if you feel giving up, don’t. You’re jellybean will thank you for it. My jellybean is the little life growing inside of me. If you don’t have a jellybean, keep in mind there are those you inspire. Be that inspiration. Keep breathing. Life needs you to do this.

Reaching Goals: When it gets real

Week 5 Day 4 Take it easy Tiger!

Yesterday was hard, last week was hard, everything was hard! But today I may have had a second wind. I’m not sure if that applies to weight lifting, but I felt more refreshed. It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Hmmm. Is that strength?

Maybe the weight is getting a little lighter? I don’t know. I started off feeling like “oh no, why am I doing this again” but then i felt it and my trainer said: wait one more rest minute. I was ready for more. I also ran yesterday. I also rested more.

So today: 145 lbs on the squats. I don’t own a scale but I’m pretty sure I still weigh less than that.

Goals for weakness

Week 5 Day 3: The “W” Word.

Setting goals will bring out strength but it will also bring up other details. Things that went unnoticed. Things that are harder to do. But not to worry. Approach it, touch it, reflect on it, note progress and celebrate and #repeat! These are the things on the journey. Can you do this? Why are you asking? Don’t worry. “Pain is just weakness leaving the body!” As a friend of mine says: #letitburn #go

Love is where it starts

Week 5 Day 2 Love is Where it all starts

Last night my six year old told me stop acting like her. 😂 I was so sore😩!!’

By now you probably noticed that love is a big theme in what I do. There are times when life gets a little hard and passion wears out. Discipline isn’t just a thing possessed it’s a thing acquired. It’s a thing that gets done. If I skip a lift day, I may not feel the same the next time I do it. If I skip days or weeks I’m definitely not going to feel the same. I’ll have to start again. Things still have to be visited. Purpose has to be revisited. In my case , my goals affect my family and community. When I do good things affect me and them. Maybe I don’t feel like it but it I still need to do it. Some people have approached me to say that this log I keep posting is inspiring them to workout, lift and or reach another goal. Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself but then I remember what I tell myself I share with others. I believe I have accomplished this goal of love. When I do better others do better. It’s like a chain reaction. It’s difficult to do difficult things, but no so much if you LOVE doing them. Do it like you love it!

Love your goal

Day 6 and 7

Take these days to do the things that didn’t happen on Days 1-5. Like getting the tools you need. Read up on the techniques you’ll use. Get inspired; you’ll need it for the rest of the journey or add another day of working on your goal. The choice is your’s! #doitandloveit

Next Up: just do it… again

Assessing progress

Day 5 of the journey

Are we there yet?!!! How does this sound from children in the back seat of a car on a 24 hour road trip? Most of the time it doesn’t produce preferred responses. Yet, this is a human’s natural disposition on any journey.

We’re not there yet but we’re closer. If your goal is a big one, then it’s going to take time. Taking ownership of the responsibility of attaining this goal happens today and the next and the next. Did you make a goal? Is it a defined one? Are you enjoying this? If there is no passion in this, you will NOT be consistent. Read Day 3.

I’m writing this to myself, to my kids to any one who thinks it’s helpful. Why? I want them to have the discipline that will make them great, caring, responsible people. It will be hard. What do you do when something is hard? Don’t think about it too much. Attempt and put it on repeat. Reflect. What could be tweaked the next time?

But it’s Day 5. How did the week go?

Was it awesome? Celebrate it! Reward yourself. Don’t expect others to do it, this is your goal.

The results were good but obviously we’re not there yet.

Consult the experts. Google search in your area. Who knows about this goal? Experts can see the whole picture. Assessment keeps you on track. It shouldn’t discourage you to stop. Assessment lets you know HOW to do it again.

Stay Accountable. This is the hard part. Who keeps you going and positive about it? That’s your person to tell. Everybody has a different style so pick the right person for you. Allow them a chance to ask, “How did it go this week?” You just need at least one really good consistent one.

Consistency drives consistency. Don’t let your dream die without reflecting on it.

Tell someone. Reflect. Tweak. Celebrate. And put it on repeat.

Next up: just do it … again

Make momentum work for you

Day 4

You’ve got one more rep!

You’ve done Days 1-3. You’ve started on your goal, became passionate about it and breathed some life into it. Now is the serious part of the journey. If Days 1-3 haven’t happened, make the magic happen. Today is like the the 11th mile for a half marathon, BUT you’ve already run 11 miles straight so no stopping now!!!! Finish! In other words, for the unprepared, today might feel light like eating gravel for breakfast. Be prepared. Make momentum happen and let it work for you.

Muscling through the year might work for a while but when the mind gets stale the rest of the body and actions will go with it. This is Day 4 of week one. There are 52 weeks. You’re in it for the long haul.

Days 1-3 got you here. You’ve committed. Congratulations!!! Now you need resources to keep this momentum going.

Here is a list:


Tools (materials, books, videos, etc.)


There’s more but these are basic. This may look different for different goals. Find these. Invest in these. Experts may cost so decide how valuable this goal is to you. It doesn’t have to be expensive and you might not find them all today but start. Go to Day 2 to get that started.

Next up: Assess progress