Welcome to my world of blog writing.  I am a work in progress so please expect updates, love and honesty. I believe that in writing I discover more of what is here and what will become. I love comments but please be thoughtful and kind.

I write mostly about fitness, hypoglycemia, and anything else that might interest me. 

My plan is to write something helpful. 
About my hypoglycemia
I didn’t just eat 20 donuts one day and end up with this condition. I have always had this condition even as a kid. I have always been thin so it’s not due to weight. I avoid sugary processed foods and also natural sugary foods and fruits and foods. In spite of a good diet I still rely on counting carbs and pairing them with protein dense foods like a diabetic. 
I have not tested positive for diabetes and I am in great health (that’s not a brag just a fact that pertains to this about post). I only say this because I get a lot of comments that assume that I must be eating a high carb diet so this is just here to elucidate the misconception.
Some tid bits: 
 I am thankful to all the hypoglycemics out there who blog and share their knowledge. 
I love that I am able to live a fuller life because of adjustments in my day. 
I controlled my gestational diabetes with diet and exercise and I continue to do so with my hypoglycemia.

If you are not hypoglycemic you are still welcome here. My diet is something particular to me. I am not an expert I am just a person sharing what works for me. 

 I believe moderation is key in many things in life. Diet is not something to worry about but something to observe and adjust. 

I leave you with this quote:
The secret to change is not to focus all our energy on the old, but on building the new.